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Extra Credit Contest (Downloads)
Downloadable contest handouts and flyers for Medium’s new contest, Extra Credit. High school seniors submit their exceptional college application essays, and could win a $5,000 scholarship.


Collateral documents
A selection of source files, ebook and audiobook downloads for major Matter features.
Meet The Dope-addicted, Disgraced Doctors Running Our Drug Trials
July 2014: Case files and source material from Peter Aldhous’s investigation into doctors who have been disciplined for medical errors but are now running major human drug trials.
Miss American Dream (extra formats)
June 2014: Taffy Brodesser-Akner on Britney Spears in Las Vegas.
Never Say Die (extra formats)
May 2014: Megan Scudellari on super-agers.
Scammed (extra formats)
April 2014: Danny Bradbury on debt scammers.
Hearing Loss (extra formats)
April 2014: Sujata Gupta on deaf culture.
The Charisma Coach (extra formats)
March 2014: Teresa Chin on Silicon Valley's charm school.
When the Rivers Run Black (extra formats)
March 2014: Rachel Cernansky on America’s worst industrial disaster.
In the Name of the King (extra formats)
March 2014: Jo Marchant on the fight for Tutankhamun's DNA.
The Ghost in the Cell (extra formats)
February 2014: Scott C Johnson on epigenetics and violence.
Einstein's Camera (extra formats)
January 2014: Joshua Hammer on a renegade artist.
The Jefferson Davis 8 Documents
January 2014: Case files and extra formats from Ethan Brown’s multi-year investigation into the deaths of eight women in southwestern Louisiana that raises questions about the possible involvement of local law enforcement.
Do No Harm (extra formats)
December 2013: Anil Ananthaswamy on extreme bodies.